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Mary Anne Vastardis
Ms. Mary Anne Vastardis
5th Grade Assistant Principal
Marques Stanard
Mr. Marques Stanard
Shawn Blackshear
Mr. Shawn Blackshear
6th Grade Assistant Principal
Dear Hartford Families,
Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!  
At Hartford, we are committed to ensuring an excellent education for all students by providing rigorous lessons and instruction that will bring out the greatness that dwells within all of them. Our mission is always to encourage and educate students to be confident, knowledgeable, responsible, and productive citizens in an ever-changing world. It is with your assistance that we will be able to accomplish this task.
One of the things that I enjoy about being Principal of Hartford is the diversity of our school.  We have so many students from different places and various backgrounds.  Each one of our students brings with them their unique qualities that add to the wonderful culture at Hartford.
Every year, we embrace a theme to create a sense of family and community within Hartford.  As we all know, last school year was frequently interrupted and modified.  As I thought about the upcoming school year, I wanted a theme that, not only welcomed our students and staff back to in-person learning, but celebrated the diversity in our school.  This year our theme will be All Together Now!  We believe this theme encompasses both ideas: all of our Hartford students and the staff, as well as the diverse groups that make Hartford what it is, are once again “All Together Now!”  And this theme has another special meaning for our 5th graders who are all coming from different elementary schools, but are “All Together Now!” as the Class of 2029!
It is my pleasure to lead Hartford School into the 2021-22 school year.  Let us all work together to ensure it’s a great one!
Your partner in education,
Mr. Marques Stanard
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