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Hartford Health Office

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Lisa Doulong, School Nurse

Lisa Doulong, BSN, RN, CSN
Certified School Nurse
Kim Cowan, BSN, RN
Part time School Nurse

Janet LeBreton, Health Office Aide

Mission Statement

The Goals of the Hartford Health Office are to:

  • Promote a safe and healthy community in which Hartford students will be encouraged to become self-advocators for health and education
  • Advance the well-being, academic success, and achievements of all students
  • Facilitate positive student responses to normal development
  • Encourage health and safety of students and staff
  • Actively collaborate with other staff to build student and family self-advocacy


The flu vaccine will keep you healthy and ready to enjoy the tricks & treats of Halloween. The little word ‘flu’ may sound like a treat, but it is definitely a ‘trick.’

Get your vaccine, wash hands frequently, practice cough & sneeze etiquette, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, contact your healthcare provider within 48 hours if illness develops, and stay home when ill.


Learn the differences between influenza and the common cold. Call your healthcare provider right away if influenza is suspected in the family to see what treatment is needed.

People sometimes call gastroenteritis the “flu” or “stomach flu.” It is not the same as seasonal influenza, which is a respiratory infection. However children, more commonly than adults, may complain of stomach aches with seasonal influenza. More information about gastroenteritis can be found at

The following chart highlights information from CDC and can help you compare symptoms of the common cold and seasonal influenza.


    Influenza Symptoms                                                   Cold Symptoms

Onset                           Sudden                                            Gradual

Fever                           High                                                   None to low grade

Fatigue                         Severe                                              Mild

Cough                          Severe                                               Mild to Moderate

Throat                          Sore                                                    May be sore

Headache                     Achy                                                    None

Appetite                       Decreased                                           May be decreased

Muscles                       Achy                                                      No aches

Chills                           Yes                                                         None

Stuffy nose                  Sometimes                                             Common

Complications              Bronchitis/Pneumonia                            Earache/Sinus infection

Prevention                   Annual vaccine                                      Good hygiene

Treatment                    Antiviral drugs in 24-48 hrs                  Symptomatic relief